At Long Last

Hello, world! I’m HERE!

This wonderful website was created for me by the amazing Megan Seegmiller a long time ago. Like, uh, longer ago than I want to say. And I’m just now getting around to posting! I HOPE to be posting regularly here, but no promises.

It has been literal years since I blogged at all. My last blog (one I still love) can be found here. I still love writing. I still love the connectivity blogging can bring. I have just found myself consumed by everything else in the last few years, and blogging took a back seat. Here’s what I’ve been up to since 2012 (that was the last time I blogged):

In September 2013, Phill was deployed and our beloved “framily” member Ciera came to help us for the duration of Phill’s deployment. She was a literal lifeline to us, as was our network of supportive family and friends. Phill came home in June 2014.

In August 2014, we adopted Livvy Louise, our rescue dog.

In January 2015, we moved from Texas to Ohio and started homeschooling.

In 2016, we adopted another rescue dog, Comet Montgomery. In August 2016, our kids went back to public school, and for the first time I started college classes at Columbus State Community College with the intent to become a registered nurse. In November 2016, Phill was promoted to Master Sergeant.

Our lives are full and rich with love and growth. We’re enjoying Ohio so much, and we feel blessed to have added many rewarding friendships to our net of support. The kids are learning, growing, and changing.

Reed (14) loves Harry Potter, being taller than me, making his voice crack on purpose, and serving others. He maintains that “MATH” stands for “Mental Abuse To Humans”.

Jaxon (11) loves dubstep, coding, caring for his bearded dragon, and chili cheese dogs from Skyline Chili. He loves taking things apart.

Savanna (9) loves reading, painting, playing outside with friends, and helping me make dinner. She likes to be prepared.

Livvy (our chiweenie) still barks like heck when anyone comes over, but her recovery time is improving.

Comet (our beagle-something mix) just wants to play with all the bunnies and kitties outside forever. (Is that so much to ask?)

Phill is having spinal surgery in January for spondylolisthesis. (There’s a crack in his L-5 that the doctor thinks has been there since Phill was born. This crack has led to irregular movement of his spine, which has systematically worn away the disc between his L-5 and S-1, leading to compression of the nerve in between.)

A couple weeks after Phill has his surgery, I start my second semester.

Like I said, our lives our busy and full, but we are aware of an embarrassing wealth of privileges.

More to come, I hope! Please note–the About and Info sections have been updated. Soon I’ll update the portfolio.



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