I am a photographer based in Columbus, Ohio, but I’m always willing to travel for photos! I started shooting in 2005 when my husband was deployed to Iraq. During that long year, I relied on photography as a way to record the joy and beauty I desperately needed. It was comforting. It was a hobby then. Now it’s a passion.

I shoot using natural light, usually outdoors or in well-lit areas of my clients’ homes. I love a candid, lifestyle approach and photos that reflect the true character of the people pictured. I believe the best photos have at least three key ingredients: truth, emotion, and beauty.

In January 2011, I had the privilege to photograph the birth of a friend. I was hooked. I couldn’t wait for the next birth. It wasn’t just the photography—it was the environment. I realized I had a passion for birth, too. I eventually decided to become a birth doula. I loved attending births, but found myself wanting even more involvement and more structure. I started college (for the first time ever) in August 2015, and my intent is to become a registered nurse!

Photography Pricing

ALL sessions include a disc of edited photos with written release to print.

A non-refundable $50-dollar deposit* is required to book your session.
*A non-refundable $500-dollar deposit for wedding sessions.

General (Families, Individuals, Couples, Kids, Babies, Etc.)

45 mins – 30+ photos – up to 10 people


Time is negotiable  – 50+ photos


Wedding day coverage up to 10 hours – Two photographers – 150+ photos

Wedding Plus

Engagement session – Bridal session – Wedding day coverage up to 10 hours -Two photographers – A grand total of 250+ photos

Doula Work Pricing

$500 includes my care, physical and emotional support, and knowledge (as a doula-in-training) throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth.

$100 includes my care, physical and emotional support, and knowledge (as a doula-in-training) throughout your labor and birth.

Although I am focused on my college classes and heading toward a B.S.N., I’m still accepting birth clients.

A birth doula provides positive physical and emotional support to pregnant and laboring women. A doula’s role is to teach, empower, and support the mother as she makes informed choices about her pregnancy and birth, leading to a positive birth experience.